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Enabling Service Providers with Cutting Edge Workplace Technologies

HyperOffice brings more than 10 years of experience offering innovative cloud products for the workplace. Our sole focus is on enabling Service Providers with our wide range of private label messaging, collaboration and mobility technologies. Service Providers can leverage our technologies to offer highly differentiated and branded solutions for the workers of today, and in the process increase ARPU, meet their users' demand, and get their fair share of high-growth OTT markets.

Our Solutions

HyperOffice addresses key business pain points and high demand cloud categories with innovative cloud technologies.

Collaborating Across

Seamless information sharing across applications, devices and companies.

Enterprise Social

Integrated solutions to improve employee productivity and teamwork.

Email Plus

Innovative email solution with integrated collaboration features.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

All your teams communication, collaboration, VOIP and video tools in one place.


Overcoming the limits of traditional web conferencing.


License and use components of HyperOffice's technologies to boost your offerings.

Our Product Stacks

Break down organizational and application barriers. Engage customers, partners and vendors across companies and applications.


Bring the latest in social technologies into the workplace. Empower today's worker. Make teams collaborative and productive


HyperOffice is widely respected for its innovativeness with awards from Red Herring, Computerworld, CRN and many leading research firms. We have worked with leading service providers across the globe.

HyperOffice offers distributed teams the benefit of all essential business tools in a single collaboration suite, as well as mobile capabilities for today’s remote workforce.

Amber Singleton

HyperOffice had a proven track record, the ability to be customized for our market, and the flexibility to brand and deploy it from our data centers. It was the perfect choice for us.

Tsutomu Taguchi
Senior MD
I-Net Corp Japan

HyperOffice's innovative white label cloud technology promises to have significant leverage with telecoms and service providers looking for a share of high growth cloud markets

Dr. Hossein EslamBolchi
Ex CTO & Global CIO AT&T
Winner of Top 100 Global Telco Leaders,
President Obama Tech Award

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    HyperOffice Solutions in action

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