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Secure Email Hosting

Let us manage your email! Highly secure hosted enterprise grade email. Access business email from any cloud connected PC, Mac or mobile in the world.


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Secure Email Hosting for Your Business

Email hosting eliminates the need for your business to manage your own in-house enterprise emailservers. With reliable email hosting, all your emails are stored insecure, offsite storage facilities. Our email hosting platform enablesyour company to save money, free up valuable IT resources, and provideyour employees with a better email experience.


Email Hosting Benefits: Why Outsource?

Email Hosting Services and Features

Hosted Business Email

Email Hosting Benefits: Why Outsource?

Email hosting saves timeand money. There's no software to install, no servers tomaintain...ever! Get started! The process of transferring yourenterprise email accounts to an email hosting account is seamless andcan be done within a few days.
MS Exchange Substitute
  • Low-Cost POP3 Email Hosting. No upfront costs, licensing fees, software updates, or security patches. It's worry-free email hosting!
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee. Our disaster-proof, offsite reliable mail hosting facilitiesare protected by biometric locks, redundant servers and continuous,uninterruptible power. Together with our partner, NTT VERIO we arecommitted to ensuring the safety and security of your email.
  • Keep Your Existing Email Addresses. Project aprofessional image with branded enterprise email addresses( Plus, set up unlimited email aliases(
  • Spam and Virus Protection. Special Spam and Quarantine folders filter malicious and unwanted emails out of your inbox.
  • Quick Email Setup and Deployment. Our hosting solutionrequires no IT support. It works across any platform - PC or Mac. Plus,we offer free support & upgrades for life!

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Email Hosting Services and Features

  • Microsoft Outlook Synchronization. Continue to use Outlook and synchronize email, calendars, contacts and tasks.
  • Web-based Email. Sendand receive email anytime, anywhere with just an Internet connection.Whether you are in the office, on the road, or working from home,you'll always have access to your email.
  • Email Address Book. Import your Outlook or any other address book, organize by category, and share with others.
  • Generous Email Storage Space. Each hosting account comes 5 GB storage capacity and the ability to add more.
generous storage email
  • Business Email Service. Professional email features like HTML formatting, spell check, out-of-office reply, and email folders.
  • POP3 Email & IMAP Email Support. Consolidate all your email accounts into a central view.

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