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Power Outlook, and access all of its advanced group features with MS Exchange. Setup email; share contacts, calendars and tasks; and more. 


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Why is MS Exchange a Problem for SMBs?

Most growing companies have to face a dilemma. They are hooked to the convenience of using Microsoft Outlook as a tool for official mail, calendars, contacts and tasks. But setting up a Microsoft Exchange server to power Outlook is involves dedicated hardware, expert IT staff and costs running to thousands of dollars.This necessitates that SMBs look for a Microsoft Exchange alternative.

MS Exchange Alternative


The HyperOffice Advantage

  • Save Costs & Effort. Setting up & maintaining Exchange costs thousands of dollars for hardware, software licenses, maintenance & expert staff. Get the same power without any hardware and software, and a low monthly fee.
  • Full Power Outlook. Use a fully powered Outlook (mail, contacts, calendars, folders) like Exchange were running in the background, only its not!

Setup MS Outlook with Exchange

  • Share Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Tasks. Turn Outlook into a dynamic collaboration tool. Share Outlook information with others, whether they have Outlook or not.
  • Web & Mobile Outlook Access. Don’t be chained to a single computer. Access your Outlook account on any web enabled PC, Mac or mobile including iPhone & BlackBerry.
  • Synchronize Across Devices. No matter where you access and update your mail, contacts, calendars and tasks, they are synched and mirrored.
  • Live Support and Training. Our experts are always available to help. Just call in!


  • Business Class Email – Instantly set up tailored email for your organization (user@yourcompany.com) or keep your current email & access on Outlook. Create unlimited aliases for your employees. POP3/IMAP compatible
  • Outlook Online Access – Access your Outlook mail, calendars, contacts and tasks from any web browser or any PC, Mac or laptop.
  • Outlook Mobile Access – Instantly access your Outlook mail, calendars, contacts and tasks on any mobile device, including iPhone and BlackBerry.
Share Outlook Calendars without Exchange
Share Outlook without Exchange
  • Automatic Synchronization – No matter where you access your information – Outlook, online or on your mobile - always find the latest, mirrored information. Finely manage which folders you want to synch, and how often.
  • Share Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Tasks – Share Outlook contacts, tasks and calendars with colleagues or partners whether or not they have Outlook.
  • Spam and Virus Protection – Advanced spam filtering and industry class virus protection keep you safe.
  • Online Calendars – Keep everyone’s schedules in step with shared calendars for groups and individuals.
  • Online Address Books – Keep everyone in touch with the right people with unlimited address books and lists.
  • Online Task Management – Keep on top of multiple projects. Easily create tasks, set deadlines, assign responsibilities and track progress. Get a visual overview with Gantt charts.
  • Backup Outlook – Your Outlook information is automatically backed up.
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools – You get an entire range of integrated collaboration tools - document management, custom intranet and extranet workspaces, discussions forums polls and more!

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