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Capturing data was never easier. Use our drag and drop designer to create web forms of any kind within minutes - contact form, feedback form, surveys, order forms and more!


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Create Online Forms with HyperBase's Web Form Builder - It's Easy!

Online forms are an extremely convenient and cost effective way to easily gather customer, market or any other kind of data and gain critical business insights. HyperBase's web form builder allows you to instantly create online forms and HTML forms which you can publish on your website. You don't need any HTML or design expertise at all. Nor do you need any hardware or software. All you need is a net connection!


Convert Collected Data into Actionable Information

It is not enough to simply collect raw data by creating online forms. It is important to process the data into meaningful information for insights and share it with decision makers and colleagues. That is just what HyperBase's online database management features allow you to do. You can store, organize, sort, analyze and share the collected data any way you like with just an internet connection.

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How Can You Use Online Forms?

Since information is the core of any business today, the ways in which you can use webforms to collect data is limited only by your imagination. Some common uses are:

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  • Registration Forms - Simplify registration for your free trial, site, subscription or any other service.
  • Contact Forms - Let customers contact you through an embedded form on the contact page.
  • Business Intelligence - Find out who your customers and prospects are, where they came from, or what they want by publishing forms on your landing pages or site.
  • Records - Use online forms to maintain information about your customers, suppliers or business partners.
  • Questionnaires and Surveys - Use online forms to conduct employee, customer or market surveys.

Web Form Builder Features

  • Easy HTML Form Builder - Creating an online form takes just a few minutes where you can create any number of data fields with radio buttons, drop down lists or open fields.
  • Website Forms - Instantly embed your webforms on any webpage or blog.  
  • Customize Online Forms - Easily customize the structure and appearance of your forms to match the place where you embed it and compel users to input data. 
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  • Create Online Workflows - Use online forms to easily create automated online workflows - design workflow, designate roles, get inputs, prompt actions, attach resources, remind participants.
  • Pre Built Form Templates - Choose from pre built online form templates for common purposes. 
  • Mobile Forms - You and your users can easily access and add data to the forms from any web connected mobile device.
  • Online Database Management - Data is ready for processing as soon as anyone inputs it.  Access, store, organize, analyze and share data any way you like with just a net connection. 

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