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Web based relational database and web forms. Automate processes with simple do-it-yourself database apps. Create web forms within minutes with drag and drop designer. 


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Online Database Management - Database Power a Click Away

The power of database management is an asset to any organization.  The ability to easily collect, organize and analyze business data - contacts, leads, customer feedback, market information, or business stats. But databases evoke associations of "database administrator" - huge servers, complex software like SQL database and heavy costs. 


Business Apps and Web Forms

HyperBase lets you quickly create web forms for data collection with drag and drop simplicity. You can even create simple business apps to automate company processes like lead tracking, customer feedback, order processing and so on.


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Database App Library

We have a large library of pre-built database apps that you can start using for your business right out-of-the-box:


 Vacation Scheduling
 Ticketing System
 Asset Management
Incident Reporting
 PTO Customer Support Call Log




Features and Benefits

  • Easy! No database administration or SQL database expertise needed. Anybody can create online databases!
  • Completely Hosted Databases. No database server to set up. No database software to download or manage. It is all in the cloud!
  • Databases in the Cloud. Access and manage your databases anywhere in the world on any web connected PC or Mac.
  • Unlimited Customized Databases. Organize data in as many databases as you like. Create custom fields and databases according your company's need and workflow.
  • Standard Templates. Alternatively, in addition to the ability to customize databases, pick from a list of pre built database templates. ( Coming Soon! )
  • Online Forms. Simplify data collection with easy to set up HTML web forms and applications to collect data from partners, customers and employees.
  • Create Online Workflows. Create automated business apps with HyperBase. Design workflow, designate roles, remind assignees and much more!
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  • Microsoft Access Alternative. Don't imprison your data in a single computer with Microsoft Access. Access important data and run operations on it anywhere in the world!
  • Data Analysis. Get the data you want in the exact shape you want with easy reporting, querying, sorting and filtering rules.
  • Import and Export Data. Save time by importing and exporting data to your databases with simple clicks.
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  • Integrated Collaboration Tools. HyperBase is completely integrable with HyperOffice, our award winning online collaboration solution. Harness the synergies of integrated database tools and collaboration tools like online document management, contact lists, intranet &extranets, calendars and more!
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