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HyperSynch connects iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phone users to email, contacts, calendars, projects, data, tasks and corporate networks

“Push” email software plugs into HyperOffice collaboration suite for SMBs, making “over-the-air” business-class collaboration and email affordable at about $10 per month

ROCKVILLE, MD., 10 Mar. 2010 – Beta testing begins today for HyperSynch, software that automatically taps into corporate networks, updating and synchronizing desktop email, contacts, calendars, documents, projects, tasks and notes with the wide range of smartphones carried by users of HyperOffice -- including the iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and other wireless devices.

“Bring your own device,” said Farzin Arsanjani. “HyperSynch supports over 1,700 phones. Which means the battle over whether to buy Blackberry Enterprise Server or Microsoft Exchange Server or MobileMe, over how to connect to contacts and conversations from Outlook, just to book a meeting or keep a project ticking along at a small to mid-sized business (SMB), when everyone wants this phone or that, is over.”

“HyperSynch adds amazing simplicity to HyperOffice,” said Arsanjani. “It’s the first ‘over-the-air push email’ tool that supports all the major mobile devices running on all the major wireless platforms. And, more than ‘push,’ it’s bi-directional synching between desktop and smartphone, to help you keep up with email, messages, data and event reminders. It doesn’t matter where the data is stored, or where you are. It doesn’t matter where team members and business partners are.”

HyperOffice is the award-winning, cloud-computing, software-with-services collaboration and communication suite that makes it easy for company owners, employees, customers, partners and suppliers to run and grow a business by working together, planning projects, sharing documents, scheduling meetings, and more.

HyperSynch enters beta as HyperOffice emerges from its own beta. Rebuilt from the ground up, Ajax and other Web 2.0 technologies power the new version of HyperOffice, which integrates a range of software-as-a-service business applications over the Internet -- shared calendars and contacts, access to documents stored on the company network, project management, web conferencing, databases and web forms; forums, polls and wikis; project and task portals, Intranets and Extranets; user rights, versioning, commenting, backup, and more.

A subscription to HyperOffice with business-class hosted email services costs about $10 per month, per user – and HyperSynch will be built in at no additional cost. For SMBs, this delivers the power and productivity of costly corporate collaboration products, plus business-class email, plus HyperSynch, plus IMAP and POP access, 5GB of storage per mailbox, unlimited aliases, and the ability to send and receive email from Outlook or any email application.

“Compare this with other approaches that cost more than twice as much,” said Arsanjani. “And these other approaches work only with a limited number of smartphones and operating systems, and you still need to buy, install and fix server software. With HyperSynch, SMBs get push email and over-the-air synchronizing of calendars, contacts, tasks, and more, between your smartphone and desktop, affordably.”

To see a video demo and for more information, click here: /push-email-hypersynch

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“Most users today have to collect email manually, with a send/receive command. This drains your battery, because the phone is doing all the work,” said Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice.

“With ’push email,’ HyperSynch inverses this tedious process. The server does the heavy lifting. Continually and automatically, it sends email to you as soon as it arrives. It notifies you when a colleague assigns a task or invites you to a meeting. It updates shared contacts. And you don’t drain your battery logging on and off all day,” said Arsanjani.

HyperSynch supports bi-directional synchronization between mobile devices and desktops, plus backup and restore capabilities for contacts, calendars, tasks and notes, using multiple protocols, including SyncML, ActiveSync, OMA, IMAP. SMS, XML and WSDL. The push engine supports TCP/IP, CTP and CMS to Microsoft Outlook and other email clients. It registers and provisions devices and services, including billing and account management systems.

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Farzin Arsanjani
HyperOffice Inc.

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Steve Leon
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