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A: Yes.

HyperOffice can replace Outlook or be used in conjunction with Outlook, depending on your needs. Most users find they no longer need Outlook because HyperOffice provides all the same features and functionality of Outlook plus a whole lot more.

Microsoft Outlook is a PC based software program, which means you will have to purchase a copy of this software and install it on your computer. From this point on all of your emails, contacts, files and information are stored on your computer. Therefore you can only access your email, contacts, calendar, files...etc. through your computer.

In contrast HyperOffice is a browser-based application, which requires no installation and is always available from any computer. HyperOffice stores your critical files and information securely online, providing you with 24x7 access to the information you need. In addition, HyperOffice includes groupware and many other productivity applications that allow you to work more efficiently with your team members

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