Quick, compelling, customized mass email marketing campaigns. Easy as composing an email!

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HyperCampaign - Email Marketing Made Simple by HyperOffice


Automate your email communications. It's fast and easy

Inexpensive and Easy Email Marketing Campaigns

Now you can have the power of enterprise-class email marketing tools without the costs or hassles of having to set-up complicated mailing lists or processes. HyperCampaign does it all for you within HyperOffice, allowing you to automate your email campaigns with ease. With HyperCampaign, you can do it all.






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  • Log-in from your HyperOffice portal and get direct access to HyperCampaign - no programs to download or install.
  • Nurture your existing relationships to improve customer experience or drive sales.
  • HyperCampaign manages email marketing services for you. We keep you compliant with current email protocols, ensure a solid delivery rate, and keep you off blacklists.
  • Communicate to your agents, resellers, customers or prospects through mass mailings - keep them informed of new products or send out monthly newsletters.


  • Use customizable HTML templates to perfect the look of your emails, or choose from our range of standard templates.
  • All of your contacts in HyperCampaign and HyperOffice are managed on a single list. This means you can conduct your email marketing using your HyperOffice contacts. It's that easy.
  • Track the success of your email campaign with extensive reports.
  • Easily set up, customize and manage multiple lead capture forms
  • Ensure your lists are accurate with Subscribe/unsubscribe management.
  • Schedule your campaigns and never have to worry about them ever again. Tell us when and how often you want mailings to go out and we'll do the rest.
  • Import/Export contacts and lists with a few clicks.
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