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Document Version Control

Capture document changes with document version control and check-in check-out. Use audit trails and notifications let to keep track of changes.


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Professionals Need Better Version Control

Business documents are generally written and revised several times to only be finally reviewed by many people. Controlling each document version can often waste time, effort and create unnecessary steps in order to produce a polished document. You deserve an effective and efficient version control system to streamline your document creation and review process

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HyperOffice Document Version Control

HyperOffice offers a document management solution that brings control to your document processes. We connect uncoordinated and disconnected document versions that are stored in e-mail, on hard drives and servers. To keep track of all versions, document version control enables users to view the evolution of a document through every stage of revision.Our check in / check out system ensures only one person edits a document at a time.

Document Version Control Features

  • Document Lock and Unlock Functionality. Prevent documents from being overwritten or deleted.
  • Document Version Rollback. Files can be quickly rolled back to previous versions as needed. Collapse all document versions to revert to a specific point in time or keep a set number of documents available.
  • Document Commenting. Add comments to a document version for other users to see.
  • Document Audit Trail. View document version details including ownership and creation date as well as document activity like who read, deleted, commented on, and locked or unlocked a document.
  • Trash/Document Recovery Bin. Safeguard deleted files in a convenient trash/recovery bin just like your desktop!
  • Manage Document Permissions. Restrict access and editorial rights to your documents.

document version control

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