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Business Email Service

Custom business email accessible from any web connected PC, Mac or mobile device in the world. Outlook compatible.


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Cloud Based Business Email Service

An effective business email service allows you to focus on your business rather than worry about managing an email system. We provide a reliable cloud based email solution with no requirement for any expensive hardware or complex software. With our business email service, you can send and receive email, sync with Outlook, access advanced email tools, and stay connected to your business with just an Internet connection. If you prefer, you can even push and manage email from almost every major mobile device in the market.

HyperOffice also rises to your advanced business email needs such as email archiving.

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Business Email Benefits:

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  • Keep Your Existing Email Addresses. Project a professional image with branded email ( for your company. Plus, setup unlimited email aliases (
  • Secure Email Hosting. Business email gives you access to an affordable and secure email hosting solution. Save time and money with a hosted solution. There's no software to install, no servers to maintain...ever!
  • Protect Your Business From Spam and Viruses. Special Spam and Quarantine folders filter malicious and unwanted emails out of your inbox.
  • Email Sync. Everyone can keep email in sync between the web, mobile devices, Outlook and Mac. Always find the latest!

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Alternative. Access email, share contacts, calendars, and tasks without an Exchange server. Sync your business information with Outlook.
  • Mobile Push Email. You can push and manage email from almost every major mobile device in the market including iPhone, BlackBerry, many Android and Nokia phones, and more.
  • Quick Setup and Deployment. Our business email service is totally cloud based and requires no IT support. It works across any platform - PC or Mac. Plus, we offer free support & upgrades for life!
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools. Business Email is one feature in our robust online collaboration solution. Access professional project management, calendaring, contact management & other tools at no extra cost!
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Advanced Business Email Features

  • Web-based Email. Use HyperOffice as your primary, stand-alone web-based email client to access all email anywhere!
  • POP3 Mail & IMAP Mail Support. Consolidate all your email accounts into a central view.
  • Outlook Integration. Manage your account from your Outlook client, without MS Exchange, if you choose. Mail, contacts, calendars and tasks are synced with HyperOffice.
  • Push Email. Push email to almost any mobile phone in the market, and automatically sync it across multiple devices, online and on MS Outlook. 
  • Online Address Book. Import your Outlook or any other address book, organize by category, and share with others.
  • Manage and Format Your Email. Compose in HTML or plain text, setup out of office replies or email forwarding, check spelling and more.
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  • Email to Tasks. No more haphazard management of activities using email. A single click converts any email into a task, and pushes it into HyperOffice's task management system. 
  • Rules and Filters. Create email filters to organize and route incoming messages to specific folders.
  • Generous Email Storage Space. Each hosting account comes with 5 GB storage capacity per mailbox and the ability to add more.
  • Email Folder Management. Save and store your email messages in customized email folders. Easily locate and manage your messages by using the sort, search, and filter features.
  • Hosted Email Archiving. Protect, index and search information assets contained across company mailboxes, to serve email security, compliance, and discovery needs.

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