SaaS for SMBs – choosing the right vendor


Choose the Right Vendor

Many small and medium sized businesses are quickly learning the benefits of buying SaaS, especially in this tough economy – but how do you go about making sure you pick the right vendor?  HyperOffice has published a white paper to help you ask the right questions, and will be offering a webinar hosted by Rusty Weston. Rusty was previously head of Research for InformationWeek for about 8 years and technologist focusing on distributed global knowledge workers.

According to a recent LinkedIn poll, the most popular applications which SMBs are going to SaaS for are online collaboration software followed by CRM. If you are considering SaaS the criteria for picking the right vendor is very similar (aside from meeting your feature/functional needs). To read the whitepaper and register for the webinar we are sponsoring on June 5th visit

Email Overload solved by Online Collaboration

Email overload is starting to become recognized as the biggest culprit of lost productivity. I began researching this topic a couple weeks ago and found that just in the last 3 months alone there have been articles written by the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, segments on TV news stations, and dozens of blog entries trying to wrestle with this problem. A very recent Basex Research study has found that information overload, including email interruptions, cost businesses $900 billion annually in terms of productivity. I found that there are a few distinct approaches to this problem.

The first group of solutions involves best practices. For example, filing emails into folders, signing a truce with your co-workers to not always reply to all and use subject lines more effectively, don’t read email in the morning, and the list goes on. The second, is managing spam. Buying the latest spam filter, or going with a business email service that will do this for you…well, and how to avoid getting on these lists. The third approach assumes that if you are getting too many emails you have some broken internal business process that needs to be streamlined and email should not be used in ways it was not intended. For example, using email to collaborate on documents, scheduling meetings, getting updates on projects, etc.  Moving to online workspaces is where I think the biggest improvements can be made. I speak with so many businesses each day who have to collaborate but are using email to share information with their team.

To better understand the causes of email overload and how to improve productivity while cutting back on email is what we discuss in a white paper published today at Please review this study and join us for a live webinar where our special guest speaker, James Gaskin, a well respected columnist who writes on technology topics for SMBs at NetworkWorld and IT World will discuss this topic in detail. This online seminar is open to the public and we expect a lively discussion about how to solve email overload at your organization. Read more and register for the May 28th webinar here

Collaboration News – HyperOffice Spring Newsletter

Today our customers received our Spring Newsletter. Our newsletter goes out to all customers and anyone who chooses to subscribe to this quarterly publication. Many SMBs who are interested in online collaboration can benefit from this newsletter, so if you didn’t get it, check it out at 

A couple highlights include:

  • Our new Client Site providing our customers with valuable resources on how to improve team collaboration
  • Collaborative Visionaries – our HyperOffice User Group through LinkedIn
  • Request for volunteers who would like to become beta users on the new AJAX interface we will be releasing this summer. A great way to have direct impact on the upcoming release of HyperOffice

A new website just for HyperOffice clients

Learn how your industry peers find unique uses for HyperOffice, take advantage of exclusive specials, even gain additional insight into how HyperOffice may be applied to your environment. All in a new HyperOffice site designed for existing HyperOffice customers.

Learn more at

As our client base grows, as does our need to diversify and enhance our communications and resources for existing clients. With this goal in mind, we have  dedicated the Client Resources site as a means to not only enhance our customers’ use of the product through industry-specific approaches, customization methods and additional product offerings, but also to keep our clients up to date on enhancements and developments in the HyperOffice world.

To futher develop our community, we are also introducing the HyperOffice User Group “H.U.G.” as a means for our customers to interact directly and share HyperOffice experiences- you may join H.U.G. through your existing LinkedIn account here.

Not only will you be able to take advantage of exclusive customer packages and promotions, but through this site you will learn how to better apply HyperOffice within your existing business environment through the practical application of real-world scenarios and case studies.

You may think of the HyperOffice client resource site as a place to learn about how to get the most out of your investment.

Visit the HyperOffice Client Resource Site

SharePoint Alternative for Enterprises?

We can’t help but feel the slight self satisfaction of the “I told you so” feeling at the recent debate raging between corporate technology pundits. The moot point is “SharePoint in Enterprise 2.0” and it seems like almost every who’s who in the space has something to say.

The general verdict is in the direction “Sharepoint has serious shortcomings as an enterprise 2.0 tool”. What especially pleases us is that we have been making the same arguments for years now for growing businesses. We have long seen that Sharepoint has serious shortcomings as a collaboration solution for growing businesses, which is why we have positioned ourselves strongly as a “Sharepoint Alternative“, and have gained a high relevance in the arena (high ranking in  Google results for “SharePoint alternative” shall testify).

Now enterprises seem to be learning the same lessons.

Read the entire article

HyperOffice Collaboration Suite wins #1 Collaboration & Productivity Award

We learned today that HyperOffice won the April Collaboration & Productivity Award by SaaSDirectory. We’re very proud to be recognized as a leader in the hosted collaboration and messaging market. With the rapid adoption by SaaS in the SMBs, I’m hearing many business owners have a hard time cutting through the noise by some of the unproven vendors jumping on the SaaS bandwagon. SaaSDirectory may be helpful to help SMBs shortlist reputable business collaboration software. Thank you SaaSDirectory.

HyperMeeting – Online Meetings Made Simple

HyperMeeting offers a powerful set of web conferencing solutions for small to mid sized businesses. Your online meetings are transformed into focused, productive, and result-rich events. HyperMeeting helps companies communicate more effectively, reduce business risk, and make faster, more informed decisions. We provide the technology and people to support your needs every step of the way, from small team meetings to large events. test

Click here to learn more about HyperMeeting.

Interlinking & More

Interlinking – The RIGHT Information at Your Fingertips

Interlinking is an innovative idea born from customer feedback and based on real operational requirements. Each user – and by extension workgroup – has specific requirements that will change over time. To accommodate a diverse and changing set of user requirements and behaviors we developed the interlinking feature. As you work on different projects you can easily link documents, tasks, events, contacts and even email records to create a virtual blueprint of all pieces and parts that are relevant to a project, event or customer. Once this virtual blue print is in place you can easily track and review all information relevant to a task, project, event, customer…etc. Yet better as this information changes HyperOffice will keep track and continually update your virtual blueprint.

Link Data – Link all relevant data in your contact, document, email, task, voting and links folders.
Link across personal and group folders – Regardless of whether you’ve stored your information in your personal or group folders, interlinking can be used between the two.
Create Unlimited Links – You can link up as many items as you want. There is no limit.
Link-Back Feature – A 2-way link is created between items so that the link can be viewed regardless of how you are trying to access the information. You don’t have to remember where you linked from.
One step Linking – When linking an object; you can create a link at the same time. For example, when you are linking a document to a contact you can create the contact at the same time as you are linking (a 1-step process).

Other Enhancements

Extend the power of shared calendaring beyond your portal – When you set up a meeting, you can now invite contacts that are not members of your portal. You can set up meetings, check schedules, link relevant documents and send invitations to any user whether a member of your portal or not.

Shared contact management integrated with email – You can now add a contact from an email to your shared contacts with two clicks.

Calendar Notification – The person setting up a meeting is now notified when attendees respond no or want the meeting rescheduled; and, if the person setting up the meeting cancels the meeting, then all the invitees will get a cancellation notice.

Search Documents – You can now search for documents stored in your HyperOffice account.

Simpler, faster Linking – When linking an object, you can now create a link at the same time. For example, when you are linking a document to a contact, you can create the contact at the same time — a one-step process.

All these enhancements are streamed in at no extra cost. HyperOffice users “pay as you grow” – around $7 per month, per user.

Handheld Support – Take the Whole Office with You – Any Handheld Will Do

Do Anything on Your Handheld You Could on Your PC

Is your team always traveling? Do they use their handheld devices more than most muscle groups? Now, their power to collaborate continuously from any location at any time takes a great leap forward.

Today, phone and PDA support for HTML is comparable to any browser on your PC. To serve you better, HyperOffice re-designed every screen to suit the display of modern handheld devices.

What You Can Do with Your Handheld

– Enjoy a pronounced spike in your team’s productivity when everyone can:

– Send and receive email

– Receive continuous email alerts (IMAP support)

– Use any HyperOffice Module to collaborate with your team – (Calendars, Email, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Shared Documents, Voting, Forums, etc.)

– Manage projects

– Manage internal teams and intranets

– Manage mixed teams and extranets

– Design new portals tailored to your unique business needs

Powerful Portal Customization

Now you can completely manage your HyperOffice account view and functionality at the feature level. Choose to display and activate all features or take an a la cart approach. This new functionality is perfect for separating your company intranet from your customer portal. Our new portal customization allows you to:

–  Manage access to specific personal or group features (email, calendars, documents, contacts, and more!)
–  Organize permissions into profiles to quickly assign access to your customers, employees, or vendors.
–  Give our interface your style and preference with landing page customization.