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The YMCA of the USA is the national resource office for the nation’s YMCAs. Located in Chicago, with satellite offices across the country, the YMCA of the USA exists to serve YMCAs. It is staffed by about 350 employees. Because all communities have different needs, all YMCAs are different; they are autonomous and separate from the YMCA of the USA.


They are required by the national constitution to pay annual dues, to refrain from discrimination and to support the YMCA mission. All other decisions are local choices, including programs offered, staffing and style of operation.


Through their use of HyperOffice, the YMCA is able to manage regional offices to coordinate events and activities. In addition, HyperOffice has been used as an effective means to communicate between offices to share experiences and ideas to enhance individual operations. HyperOffice has proven to be a very effective solution in managing a YMCA office at the regional level as well.

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