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Virtual Accounting Service is a virtual company that was founded in 2005. Unlike most other virtual services, VAS is geared toward accounting and consulting services only. The company hires contractors based on the size of projects, which means the company size varies from time to time.


The firm deals with company cost structures and books, as well as other sensitive information, which requires the data to be transmitted securely. Besides the security issue, the professionals work with spreadsheets that usually have about 50,000 lines of data, which creates the problem of sending large files via email. Most services limit the file size, and with the complex files and security issue, sending files via email was just too risky.


Richard Allen, founder, who was also the designated IT head, began looking into solutions that offered more than just a webmail service. He explains “being able to have client-transferred data is important to me”, which is why he decided on HyperOffice. Now, Virtual Accounting Service is able to bring on clients such as British Petroleum with their more efficient way of data transfer.