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Dona Krebs started her very own business by providing service as a virtual assistant. VA Synergy was founded only recently, but Dona already knew exactly what she would need to make the company work. Dona knew she would need some sort of collaboration tool that would allow flexibility within its different options.


Dona Krebs strives to have communication between her and her clients as “web-based as possible”. Krebs started looking into BaseCamp and Microsoft Office’s SharePoint. Groove was also recommended to her by fellow virtual assistants, but Krebs found it to be too “cumbersome”. She knew a project management tool, such as BaseCamp, is a necessity, but BaseCamp did not suffice her needs in its entirety. Dona also needed a sufficient document collaboration tool that was capable of meeting her needs..


Dona found that HyperOffice covered all of her needs and it “made nothing but perfect sense”. If some clients only require document sharing, she will be able to provide it. If another client only needs use of a calendar with her, she can provide it. “I don’t want to have to be reliant on where I live and where my clients might be. I want everything to be virtual in its upmost definition. HyperOffice has completely folded into what I wanted to accomplish”, says Krebs.