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Deliver Legal Services Online. Onboard Your Clients Online. Reduce Operating Costs. Improve Client Experience.

Trusted by the best allows us to make the latest communication & customer experience technologies a cornerstone of our NEXT program to provide digitally powered legal services

Anthony Millin
Shulman Rogers, Chair of Next

Onboard Your Clients Online

Add new clients and their teams to a private and secure workspace on where your legal team can engage and communicate with your clients, and lead them through the onboarding process.

  • get engagement agreements signed & saved
  • discuss & document the scope of legal services
  • introduce teams from both sides
  • create a fully online workspace for delivering legal services throughout the client lifecycle
The entire conversation unfolds in a single, searchable space
Use the most appropriate communication channel
Bring stakeholders together within clicks

Deliver Legal Services Online

Bring legal & clients teams in a unified, persistent spaces within clicks

Communicate freely

Leverage the right channel – audio, video, text – based on need

All on the same page

No ad-hoc phone calls, in-person meetings, texts, endless email trails.

Get notifications

All stakeholders are instantly notified of any updates, questions, & answers related to their legal work.

It works with your existing applications

Integrate with all your existing back office applications to streamline internal operations.

Happy Clients, Flexible Business

Forrester found that companies building experiences that help them empathetically engage with their customers will bolster customer loyalty. Here’s how you can benefit:

Engaged Clients

Prompt, ongoing communication creates a feeling of “presence” with your clients

Transparency = trust

Give all stakeholders a transparent view of the conversation as it unfolds

Operational Flexibility

Ensure that emergencies like COVID have a minimal impact to your service delivery

New business models

Virtual delivery of services opens up new business possibility


Persistent Spaces
Audio/Video Meetings
Group Chat
Works with existing systems
Screen Sharing
Share files & notes
Share Tasks & Schedules
Works with Email
Device freedom