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Tyfone is a mobile financial services company founded in 2004 and is split between 2 offices in India and the United States. The company designs and sells enterprise software and hardware to banks so that banking services can be accessed through mobile phones. The company consists of 35 people in the two office locations, with a whole sales team dispersed around the globe.


Siva Narendra, CTO, and Guru Sankar, CFO, both realized that email was not enough for the company’s need to collaborate on documents. The main departments that needed a collaboration tool were the finance and engineering departments. Guru began a search and narrowed his selection to 3 options, but in the end, HyperOffice proved to be more flexible, and a growing small business like Tyfone appreciated the flexibility.


With the added functions of HyperOffice, the engineering and finance departments are able to collaborate much more efficiently on documents. The finance department can share and work together on income statements, invoices, and have access to bank statements. Meanwhile, the engineering department can collaborate on design files, reports, spreadsheets with timelines, project outlines, etc. Being a technology company, implementation went smoothly. The users were very capable of figuring out the system which allowed for a smooth transition.

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