by Laurie McCabe, Sanjeev Aggarwal


Collaboration software is the fastest growing segment of the cloud. In parallel, exciting new mobile and social technologies have emerged which are impacting collaboration in unprecedented ways. All this promises to allow small and medium business to operate and compete like never before.


In an unprecedented study, Laurie McCabe and Sanjeev Aggarwal of the SMB Group went beyond the talk, and interviewed close to a 1000 SMB decision makers to identify usage trends, behaviors, attitudes and the real business impact of collaboration software.


Based on the study, Laurie and Sanjeev have written the current whitepaper to identify the overarching movement and trends in collaboration software that will play out over 2012. Three broad trends have been identified and are discussed in detail – convergence, mobile collaboration and social collaboration. The whitepaper goes further and discusses the business impact and the opportunities created for SMBs by these trends.

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