Manage and Track Projects Online

HyperOffice’s intuitive project management functionality allows you to track projects and project teams from simply a web connected computer. Get a central view of all your projects, project status, tasks on schedule, tasks behind schedule, dependencies, responsible persons and all other aspects of a project.

All you and your team need is an internet connected PC, Mac or mobile device. No need for a cumbersome hardware setup or software downloads. Just sign up online and get started!


Track Projects Centrally

Manage all aspects of multiple projects from an easy to use central online console. Also allow everyone to see what everyone else is doing.

Universal Access

All you and your teammates need is the requisite permissions and you can access HyperOffice on any web enabled PC, Mac or mobile device.

Project Scheduling

 Keep on top of projects using scheduling tools – create projects, tasks and subtasks, assign dates and deadlines, attach resources and assign responsibilities.

Task Dependencies

 Create dependencies  and sequence relationships between tasks in a project.

Track Project Progress

 Get view of project status at a glance – ongoing projects, tasks on schedule, tasks behind schedule, dependencies, and responsible persons.

Outlook Synchronization

Synchronize your tasks with Outlook tasks. You can switch back and forth between Outlook and HyperOffice to manage tasks, or even share Outlook tasks!

To-do Lists

Let everyone keep track of their roles and tasks within projects. Everyone gets a bird’s eye view of the tasks they have completed, tasks outstanding or tasks they have further assigned. Just check off completed tasks!

Interactive Gantt Charts

 Graphic Gantt Chart displays allow you to see a visual representation of task status.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic notifications as email, desktop pop-up and SMS to involved parties whenever a project is assigned to them, dependent tasks finished, or any other project event ensure nobody misses anything.

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