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Small businesses use award-winning cloud-computing apps and services to run and grow. 10-year SaaS veteran delivers biggest upgrade to user applause.

ROCKVILLE, MD., 20 May 2010 – HyperOffice today made the new version of its award-winning, cloud-computing messaging and collaboration suite widely available to small and medium-sized businesses.

Today’s release brings to an end a successful beta test program that spanned six months, thousands of users, and continuous enhancements – including innovations guided by a customer-driven Product Development Committee that helped to refine the user interface as HyperOffice reinvented the entire suite.

The software-as-a-services suite makes it easy for company owners, employees, customers, partners and suppliers to run and grow a business by working together, planning projects, sharing documents, scheduling meetings, and more.

Beta testers applauded the upgrade:

“We collaborated with sticks and clubs before HyperOffice. Now we maintain a master shared calendar for major tenant and building activities — evictions, move-ins, unit turns. It replaces Microsoft Outlook. It centralizes and makes the data safe, online, and there are multiple methods of remote access,” said Anthony Girard, owner and broker at Arlington Properties, a multi-family property management company with 200 units and five employees in Colorado.

“We use shared contacts, shared document collaboration

ion, and the group wiki. We’re planning to move our business email, calendaring and tasks from Intermedia. We will be using HyperSynch with our Blackberries after we move our email, calendaring, and tasks. SharePoint did not work for us. Google Apps did not work for us. The biggest issue was we could not drag documents into a shared drive. We need to share information quickly,” said Craig Asher, principal of Vital Financial LLC, which operates offices in several US states, with five principals investing in and improving the operations of small to medium-sized business-to-business software companies.

“It’s the online calendar that got us sold on HyperOffice to begin with. We are now starting to share documents online. We are also bringing in some of our customers, to also share documents. I was searching for a shared calendar package that did not require us to have a dedicated server. And, instead of keeping forms in a mishmash of flash drives, they are now organized in HyperDrive [online file storage for HyperOffice], where any of us can access them,” said William Babers, director of marketing and a testing technician at Powerline Testing LLC in New Mexico, which tests and inspects trucks used in the maintenance and construction of power lines.

“I was looking for a solution for sharing work digitally without servers and all other extra costs. We have one office, but our team works from five different locations, and with partners. The teams also work a lot from home or en route. Everyone uses HyperOffice, and the new version is more user friendly,” said Joost Kester Jacobs, owner of LETO concepts B.V., a business consultancy in the Netherlands.

“We have 30 employees and affiliates located in Abu Dhabi, Manama, Dammam, Milan, London and Istanbul. We access HyperOffice from everywhere,” said Mohamed Almandeel, managing partner of Mandeel Associates for Management Consultancy LLC, a business development advisory.

“This new version delivers more value at no change in cost. Tabs open multiple email messages – we haven’t seen that in other business email tools. It seamlessly integrates calendars, contacts and documents. We can drag and drop to easily build project and customer portals in minutes. There are color-coded online calendars, and robust online project management tools. These seem like little things, but they add up into robust advances in the new HyperOffice, and they prove the benefit, the ability of software-as-a-service to continually evolve,” said Amy Harrick, publisher and editor-in-chief of Ceremony Magazine, which produces annual wedding publications in Southern California.

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HyperOffice integrates a range of software-as-a-service business applications over the Internet — shared online calendars and contacts, business class email, document collaboration, project management, web conferencing, databases and web forms; forums, polls and group wikis; project and task portals, Intranets and Extranets; user rights, versioning, commenting, backup, and more.

The suite:

·    Gives newly-minted entrepreneurs the software tools and support services they need to quickly launch new ventures from any web-connected computer, smartphone or mobile device, including the Apple iPhone;
·    Gives smaller and mid-sized companies the power to compete and expand — without the hassles of buying, installing, upgrading and fixing hardware and software;
·    Speeds up time to market for agile business units – even if corporate IT resources are limited or non-existent;
·    Cuts across boundaries of time, place and organization to connect mobile workers and distributed teams with colleagues, business partners and contractors – from work, from home, while traveling, anytime, using any Internet connection.

HyperOffice builds into the new edition of its namesake web-based collaboration software nearly 10 years of expertise and experience working with small and medium-sized businesses with 5 to 250 employees – and delivers the new edition of the suite after two years of research and development with customers worldwide.

Under the hood, rebuilt from the ground up, Ajax and an array of Web 2.0 technologies power improvements in performance, scalability and security.

Where the business user meets the screen, the new version introduces a streamlined, intuitive interface that is instantly familiar to any user of what now becomes the “classic” edition of HyperOffice – yet far more flexible.

For users ready to migrate online from Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange and other conventional, expensive desktop and server email products, HyperOffice provides free support by email and phone, webinars and an array of free, online and custom training options.

Hosted online, the HyperOffice suite delivers to smaller and medium-sized businesses the power and productivity of costly enterprise collaboration software – for a low monthly subscription fee of about $7 per month, per user, secure, and hassle free.

To request a demo for editorial evaluation and potential review, contact: Steve Leon,, 512-288-0950.

HyperOffice contact:

Shahab Kaviani
HyperOffice Inc.

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Steve Leon
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