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Designed to meet the online and collaboration needs of small and midsize enterprises, HyperOffice apps are in-use by more 300,000 users worldwide, according to the developer. The HyperOffice suite includes features such as business email, contact management, calendaring, document management, intranet and extranet workspaces, forums, Web conferencing, online databases, and Web forms. The HyperOfficesoftware — which runs on a PC, Mac, or handheld — is available on a no-contract basis, and starts at $44.99 per month for five users goes to $1,499 per month for more than 250 users, with discounts available for monthly and annual contracts.


Judging by the investments that developers — both well-established and start-ups — are making in the collaboration market, software vendors are paying more than lip service to the adage that no man is an island. Certainly, businesses are investigating — and investing in — tools that help employees brainstorm, locate each other, schedule meetings, and communicate via social networks. Collaboration technology itself covers a broad spectrum of devices, from instant messaging and email, to cell phones and videoconferencing equipment. The cloud empowers individuals to use these tools practically anywhere, further boosting corporate productivity and spurring investment. Here’s 15 of the leading cloud collaboration applications.

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