Digital Workflow Automation for State and Local Government

Provide paperless services to citizens and other stakeholders with customized online forms

Whether it’s the public, internal stakeholders, or other departments, save your processes from paper and PDF forms, with modern and easy to customize web forms to digitize your processes.

  • Multi step forms
  • Accessible on any mobile or desktop
  • Drag and drop customization
  • More than 2 dozen field types
Use Cases
  • Applications for permits and licenses
  • Application for government assistance programs
  • Citizen engagement, complaints and request management
  • Renewals

Allow stakeholders to transparently track their requests

Allow the public and other stakeholders to log in and transparently track the status of their requests all the way to fulfillment.

Automate internal and external processes with smart no-code workflows

Eliminate manual processes by automating exactly how information moves through the organization, notifying the right people at the right time, and giving them access to whatever they need to perform their jobs. All this is possible through simple if-then rules.

  • Simple if-then rules
  • Automate assignments and notifications
  • Allow stakeholders to participate via email
  • Automate calculations and updates
Use Cases
  • Case management
  • Citizen notifications
  • Automate permits and licenses
  • Unemployment claims processing
  • Procurement automation

Allow team based data access and assign responsibilities across distributed teams

Assign responsibilities to different team members at different stages of your process. Your teams can have permission based access to data no matter where they are and what device they use.

  • Rule based assignment of responsibilities
  • Access on any desktop or mobile device
  • Secure multi level data permissions

Public information access to government records

Leverage WorkMap to organize and manage government records and provide online access to citizens or other stakeholders.

  • Manage large datasets with millions of records
  • Cloud search
  • Sorting and filtering of data
  • Embed on existing government websites
Use Cases
  • Land Records
  • Contact management for government
  • Financial records and budgets
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Government statistics