HyperOffice Upsell Opportunities for ISPs and Service Providers

Unlock the revenue potential of your email subscribers. HyperOffices’ advanced architecture makes it possible to seamlessly introduce new services on top of its innovative Email Plus service and to upsell email users.

Vanity Emails

Have an amazing domain? We offer free email to your users for a period, & rev-share profits thereafter.

File, Picture etc. Storage, Sharing & Sync

Store, access and share files of any type.

In-app Advertising

Display ads right inside the email UI to monetize users.

Email Archiving

Preserve all mail including deleted mail.


Keep data safe & ensure business continuity.

Extra Storage

Sell extra storage.

Leverage HyperOffice APIs to add third party services

Integrate with any existing service you may have.

Video Conferencing, VOIP etc.

Rich communication online.

uShare.to Team Communication, Mobile Messaging

IM, video meetings and sharing of files, pics etc. for family and friends.

Website Builder

Do it yourself tools to create beautiful websites.

Basic/Enterprise Collaboration

Basic to advanced collaboration with team networks, intranets, tasks, documents mgmt..

Database Apps and Web Forms

Simplify data collection and analysis, do-it-yourself apps.

Email Plus: The Gateway to more Revenue & Services
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