Team Communication

Web conferencing has failed to keep up

While conferencing used to be the leading cloud software, it has failed to keep pace with the needs of modern teams. It is geared for ad-hoc meetings, but there's no way to capture the collaboration that happens outside the meeting, users are required to download clunky plugins, and the mobile experience is rudimentary or non existent. - Team Communication....Extended is a team communication solution for today's distributed, mobile teams which often extend the company

Communication Extended

The communication doesn't die after the meeting. Use multiple communication modes (video, audio, chat) in persistent work-spaces that capture collaborative effort from end-to-end.

Teams Extended goes beyond internal teams, and lets you seamlessly include anyone you ever need to work with - customers, partners, suppliers etc.

Connects with your apps

Access and share data in work-spaces from any popular system like Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, SalesForce and more. Our Connector Framework allows us or service providers to quickly add new integrations.

Mobile First

Our rich mobile apps for iOS and Android allow access to all features - video, chat, sharing - right on mobile devices. This makes perfect for "mobile first" teams.

Re-energize your web conferencing initiatives

Service providers are looking to energize their web conferencing initiatives, and differentiate themselves in this highly competitive and crowded market. allows them to take a leading position in a market ripe for disruption.

Works with Service Providers' existing conferencing solutions

Although includes its own conferencing technology, it also integrates with any UC system Service Providers are already offering in their portfolio. This is a great option for Service Providers looking to enhance their current UC offerings.