ISP Alternative to Squirrelmail, Horde & Roundcube


ISPs, your subscribers and admins deserve better

HyperOffice Email Plus is a cloud based email solution for internet service providers

Save email admins the pain of hosting and managing open source solutions like Squirrelmail, Horde and Roundcube and offer a slick, modern email experience to email subscribers.

Happy Admins: Offering email doesn't have to be a pain.

Save your administrators the pain and costs of managing a clunky self-hosted email solution like Squirrelmail, Horde and Roundcube

Fully Cloud Based

No more constant keeping up with upgrades, server issues, network management and more. We manage it all for you.

Exclusive Admin Benefits

Leverage our robust admin console to manage email users, with exclusive features like mail archiving, mail logs, SSL and more.

Secure and Spam Free

We manage all aspects of security, virus protection and spam filtering.

Fully Supported

Our team of experts helps you with second level support.

Happy Subscribers: Email which doesn't look like it was built in 1995.

HyperOffice Email Plus brings your users a slick modern email experience based on latest HTML5 standards.

Webmail based on latest web standards

Super fast, design excellence, drag n' drop and more.

Everything you expect from mail, and more

Robust email feature-set with forwarding, rules, signatures, spam filter calibration and more.

Mobile and IMAP client access options

Manage mail via any IMAP client like Outlook, or through your native mobile app.

Extended Productivity Features

Robust calendaring, contact management & file storage deeply integrated with email.


Compare your options

Feature HyperOffice Squirrelmail 1.4.22 Horde 5.1.1 Roundcube 1.0.6
User Interface Modern UI based on latest HTML standards Very Basic Modern UI Feature rich, but outdated UI
Email Features Extended features like attachments, search, filters, signatures, rules, forwarding and more Basic mail features Extended email features Extended email features
Mobile Access Supports native synching of mail, contacts, calendars via ActiveSync Mail access via IMAP Mail access via IMAP Mail access via IMAP
Productivity Features Robust calendars, address books, file storage, tasks Address book Calendars, address books, file storage, tasks Calendars and address books
Groupware Robust shared calendars, contact management, document management and team projects - Shared calendars, address books, file manager and team tasks -
Groupware Plus Can be extended to a complete collaboration suite with customizable intranets and enterprise social networking in addition to above features - - -
Hosting Fully cloud hosted. Self or third party hosting also available for specific opportunities. Self-hosted Self-hosted Self-hosted
ISP Admin Console Robust ISP console for subscriber management - - -
Archiving Yes - - -
Revenue Opportunities Upsell business email, storage, groupware and advertising - - -