Collaboration that works

What is Atlas?

As cloud services gain traction, many companies are experiencing the problem of "collaboration sprawl". Information is scattered across multiple cloud services, each performing a very limited function.

Atlas solves this problem by offering a unified collaboration environment where teams can meet all their productivity and teamwork needs. It sets itself apart by applying innovative social technologies which shifts emphasis from the traditional "content focused" approach to a "people focused" approach where the onus is on engaging people around information.

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Service Providers can serve the huge demand for collaboration solutions by offering their customers an affordable, innovative and social collaboration solution under their own brand. Contact us for more

What are its features?

Social Collaboration

Social features including profiles, "following" people and collaboration objects, activity feeds and social messaging to engage teams around collaboration.

Collaboration Core

Atlas includes a wide ranging core of "content focused" collaboration tools to help employees manage diverse day to day collaboration use cases.

Device Freedom

Atlas works on any web browser, has a desktop sync client, and had apps for all major mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

Works with Service Providers' existing UC portfolio

Atlas is designed to integrate with any third-party UC system. This is a great option for Service Providers looking to extend their current UC system to a UCC solution.

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