Collaborating Across Systems

In a networked organization, engagement is critical

Today, where we all work in "networked" organizations - closely integrated with customers, vendors, suppliers. However, everyone is on different systems, and there are no adequate tools to work with and engage your "extended" team. solves this problem - professionals can easily bring together clients and partners while leveraging information in their favorite systems.

Break silos: share information across collaboration applications

Collaboration is great when everyone is on the same platform, but in an extended network of clients, partners and vendors, everyone has their own favorite system. Often, there are different systems across groups even in the same company. As a result, companies are locked away from their "extended team". is a “federated” platform that allows extended teams to pull information from almost any device and application, and share it in a single environment. It is an information bridge that works for everyone! presents an especially rich opportunity for service providers, who are looking to add value to users already on a diverse range of systems.