Unmatched Flexibility for ISPs and Service Providers

HyperOffice's laser focus towards ISPs and service providers allows it to offer a broad range of options that are unmatched by any other vendor in the market.

Zero Intervention Migrations

With our best in class migration technology, you can bring over your entire user base with zero intervention from your end users. More details here.

Integrate with existing services*

Offer your users a unified experience by integrating existing services (user accounts, speed test, VoIP, backup, adding new services) or any third-party service right into the webmail interface. Save your users the bother of having to log into multiple services.

Customize landing experience*

Rather than landing users in their Inbox, land them on a custom page where you can post links, images, promotions, updates etc. Use this page to display ads, promote other services, or post announcements and news. Your team has full control of this page.

Email as a gateway to new revenue opportunities

Email Plus is part of a much wider stack of business and residential cloud technologies with which HyperOffice enables ISPs. Allow captive email users to seamlessly extend residential email to scores of advanced services within clicks, generating easy upsell revenue in the process. View this Infograph for the entire range of services that can be offered and their product-market fit.

Monetize email with in-app advertising*

Monetize your email audience by displaying ads right within the Email Plus interface.

Manage all domains and users in one place

Migrate your end-users from Google Apps, IMAP, Exchange, or Office 365 and manage them all in your unified console. View reports, manage portals, quota management, all the tools you need to manage each and every domain and end-user. And because everything is in the HyperOffice technology stack, there is no “domain fee” hidden in our user license fee.

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*Subject to case-by-case license agreement with specific service providers