Enterprise Social Collaboration

Building Connected Teams

Organizations are finally moving away from email and legacy tools, and looking at the cloud to improve productivity and teamwork. The cloud allows organizations of any size to build connected virtual teams, and allows them to compete, innovate and scale in unprecedented ways.

Atlas brings together the best in cloud, mobile and "social" technologies in a unified environment with all the tools teams need to communicate, share information and work together. A unique "social" design ensures that the emphasis shifts from passive information sharing to engaging teams.

A massive opportunity

As businesses transition to cloud collaboration software in huge numbers, the market is growing at an explosive pace, becoming one of the hottest markets in IT today. This presents a great opportunity for service providers who have been key providers of ICT services to businesses, and now want to expand their footprint to the cloud.

HyperOffice allows service providers to enter this market immediately with our highly differentiated and mature technologies with a proven track record.