Atmail Alternative for ISPs


Happy Users

Happy Admins

New Revenue

Email for Today. Trusted by ISPs across the globe.

Serious Cost Savings.

Benefit from world class email hosting while at the same time getting the most competitive prices per mailbox in the market.

Hacker and Spam Proof.

Our robust security systems relieve you from constantly reacting to malicious attacks, and enable you to deliver a safe email experience to your subscribers.

End-to-end services for Service Providers.

HyperOffice is more than a platform provider. We assist you through every stage of the implementation cycle, from deployment, to migration, to onboarding and support.

For Your Users

Our highly scalable and widely recognized email plus platform gives your users the latest innovative features

Mail w/ web, desktop, mobile access

File storage and collaboration

Unlimited Calendars, notes, reminders

Unlimited contact lists

IM, social, and more

Secure, 99.9% SLA, anti-spam

For Your Admins

Whether you are transitioning from another system, or starting from scratch, we help your email admin every step of the way

Migration. Our services, specialized tools let you painlessly migrate your users and data from systems like Google Apps and others

Flexible Hosting. If you prefer not to host email services on our cloud infrastructure, we help you deploy from any hosting infrastructure of your choice

Management. Manage provisioning through a simple, robust management console. Add/edit/delete accounts within clicks

For Your Business

HyperOffice is widely recognized for offering best-in-class collaboration technologies since 2004

Branding. You can offer our platform with full branding, under your domain.

Upsell Revenue. Upgrade Email Plus users to a full team collaboration solution, creating upsell revenue

Competitive Licensing. Highly competitive licensing prices for service providers

Upsell premuim personal and business services.

Unlike Atmail, HyperOffice is way more than an email provider. Email Plus forms part of a broader suite of cloud based communication and collaboration features. You can use email as a gateway service, and effortlessly turn on high-demand premium services like document storage, vanity emails, archiving, project management etc., and generate upsell revenue.

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