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By Heather L

Yesterday, Maryland-based HyperOffice released a new version of their Social Collaboration suite. This suite is designed as a single interface where users can bring the social and professional collaborative layers together.

“Social networking is no longer just a consumer tool. It is fast becoming the preferred way of communicating, collaborating and connecting with business contacts and colleagues,” explained Farzin Arsanjani, President, HyperOffice, in a press release today. “But while the demand for social tools in businesses is intense, serious market gaps remain. Enterprise social tools like Yammer are thin on collaboration capabilities, while collaboration software like Google Apps and Office 365 don’t see social tools as essential to their suites.”

The new features of this solution include:

– Access from tablet devices.
– Internal IM.
– Activity streams for collaboration projects.
– “Business Social Networking,” with detailed information on skills, groups and managers…
– “Follow” feature for people, projects, files, etc., which allows users to receive up-to-the-minute changes.
– Ability for users to have social conversations via a “wall” and attach files, etc.

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