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By Greg DiFalco

If the higher-priced versions of Apple’s iPhone didn’t cause you to run out and buy one right away, the new 3G $199 iPhone might have done the trick. So now that you own one, here are the best mobile applications out there (in our opinion) to load onto the device that will help you be more productive when you are away from the office. Yes, we tested each one of these out. (There was a lot of downloading!)


Reuters – Great app that lets you receive Reuters content (news, weather, stocks, currency converter, and multimedia) in one interface. We recommend it.

Get All the Tech – It’s a preconfigured RSS reader that contains feeds from technology publications Engadget, Gizmodo, Slashdot, Techcrunch, and Wired.


AccessMyLan – Wow, we tried this app and it let us connect remotely via a VPN. There’s a free trial, then it costs around $25 for 1 user, around $80 for 5 users, etc. We like it because it’s so easy to set up. We recommend it.

PC2Me – Connect to your Windows desktop from your iPhone. It costs $29.95 for the year. We recommend it.

QuickBooks Online – This one’s a must-have if you run QuickBooks in your office. Access info via your iPhone. $9.95/month for one user and your accountant. We recommend it.

SmartBytes – View a vast collection of management training videos on many topics. We recommend it.

HyperOffice Mobile Business Collaboration – Relatively reasonably-priced collaboration tool, which let’s you share and access your Outlook data, among other features. No need to share or manage Microsoft SharePoint.

Noter – It’s an offline notes/to-do list. That’s pretty useful. Free to use.

Splurge – Keep track of your spending habits. You know this will be useful to you for separating business from personal expenses.

AOL Shopping – Useful tools lets you search for products, then tells you where you can buy them locally.

Billing Manager – Great tool for easy invoicing. It’s free to use. Created by Inuit.

Search Tools

mShopper – Great app gives you access to hundreds of merchants and millions of products via a search tool. Then, it’ll tell you where you can buy that product nearby and/or you can make the purchase online via your mShopper account. We recommend it.

Superpages Mobile – Find local business and people via Superpages, the leading Internet Yellow Pages. Great tool. We recommend it.

Wikipedia – Read and browse Wikipedia articles in any language, formatted perfectly for your iPhone. We recommend it.

iJob – Great job search tool right with access to millions of jobs from thousands of job boards, classifieds, newspapers, etc.

Urbanspoon – This tool lets you search local neighborhoods for restaurants. Find reviews, too. – eBay on the iPhone – Nice tool lets you easily search eBay on your phone.


TokTok Translator – Translation tool supporting the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and more. Because it’s quick and easy to use, we recommend it.

Google Analytics for iPhone – Check data from one or multiple Google Analytics accounts from your iPhone. Useful when you’re on the go and need to check your site traffic.

Speed Dial for Home Screen – Create speed dial entries on the main screen of your iPhone with this app.

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