Secure Online Document Sharing

Often, we need to allow colleagues, customers or partners access to important documents. Doing this through email is inefficient, especially if the document is to be shared with multiple people, and everybody has to make edits. It simply leads to multiple copies and versions of the same file floating around, and overall disorder and confusion

HyperOffice offers you a secure online document repository, where documents can be stored in a familiar folder structure, and shared with people inside and outside the organization, based on a permissions system. What’s more, you can even enable people to co author documents, with advanced collaboration features.

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Document Sharing Features

Organize Documents by Function, Project, or Office 

Store and organize documents online in libraries, folder and subfolders to reflect your company’s structure.

Universal Access

All anyone needs to access and share documents is a web connection on any PC and Mac.


Fine grained access controls let you manage access at the group level, folder level, down to the document. Also manage degree of editorial rights.

Drag and Drop Documents

Drag and drop multiple folders and files right from your desktop.


Zero in to the specific information you want across documents and folders with full text search.

Document Collaboration

HyperOffice is not limited to document sharing. You can also collaborate and co-author documents with advanced features such as version control, audit trails, notifications and comments.

Share Documents with a Secure Permission Based System

Assign strict read, write, and deletion permissions to users and documents with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Version Control

Keep track of changes as you collaboration on documents with version control and audit trails

Simple to use, doesn't require a lot of training, and nobody needs to know FTP programming.

Jason KellyIT Manager, IMCO Construction

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