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Network Reliability

At HyperOffice we strive to provide highly secure and reliable hosting services to our customers. To this end we have selected NTT/VERIO as our hosting partner. NTT/VERIO operates our Premier Data Centers with experience that is unmatched in the industry. They are the world’s largest operator of Web sites for business. They have over 5,000 dedicated servers up and running and serve customers in more than 170 countries around the world. They are also a strong, stable company – backed by the extensive resources of NTT Communications, a division of NTT Corporation, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

Together with our partner we are committed to the safety and security of your data. You can count on HyperOffice for world-class Intranet Collaboration services to keep your business moving ahead – today and far into the future.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our premier Data Centers are redundantreliable and secure facilities. They are constructed with your peace of mind in mind. Their infrastructure features:

Your Connection to Superior Network Reliability

Our Premier Data Centers are connected to NTT/VERIO powerful, flexible, tier-one status Global IP Network. NTT/VERIO engineers designed and built the network for IP transport only. It provides the best possible environment for data transport. There are no voice ride-alongs to slow traffic. Extensive private peering enables more efficient routing. And carrier redundancy ensures data flow.

System Administration Services

Our highly qualified support staff act as an extension of your internal IT department in providing our System Administration Services. Our certified technicians are on-site at our Data Centers 24x7x365. These trained specialists respond quickly to service requirements. They troubleshoot. Maintain. And see to it that your system is up and running 99.9% of the time.

Data Backup and Restore Services

Online Data Backup and Restore Services ensure data availability for your HyperOffice operations. Our Data Backup and Restore Solutions feature best-of-breed technology and unsurpassed security and support. All backups are done on our password-protected private network. Security breaches are virtually impossible. When we handle your backup needs, you avoid any productivity loss due to data loss and data corruption. Plus, you can focus more resources on your core business.

IntelliSecurity Services™

IntelliSecurity Services redefine managed security. Our security system goes farther and does more to protect your network against crippling security attacks. No one in the industry offers a managed security system that is more comprehensive or more effective. IntelliSecurity provides real-time, live intelligence. Security analysis. Early warning advisories and a Web-based interactive control panel for direct, two-way communication with our data hosting partners team of security analysts.

High Performance and Availability Services

Our Load Balancing and Caching Services will help you avoid long response times, slow connections or unavailable servers. They help you minimize downtime, maximize site performance, and enhance the end-user experience – even during peak times.

Power and Backup Systems

– 3,000 amps of three-phase power dedicated to critical load.
– Multiple generator power with 36hrs of run time before refueling.
– State-of-the-art Liebert UPS units with efficiency, design margins, fault-tolerant logic and overload capabilities.


– Dual private  providing 1.3 gigabits per second connectivity over self-healing WAN.
– Private peering connections to largest backbones via high speed DS3 and OC3c interconnects.
– On-site microwave interconnects provide emergency, fail-over OC3 wireless connectivity.
– Internal LAN provides over 1TB of combined available bandwidth using Cat5e and multimode fiber interconnections into a 100% “Cisco Powered”


– Keyless entry only.
– State-of-the-art 24 x 7 digital recording cameras. Fixed and user controlled, located at all key points and within the data center.
– On-site 24 x 7 security guards. Expert network operations center staff monitoring all operations and network security 24 x 7.

Cooling System and Fire Suppression

– Fully-redundant Liebert quality air flow systems.
– Consistent humidity and temperature control.
– Remote monitoring.
– Single interlocking pre-action system.

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