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by Matthew Weinberger

Cloud productivity suite HyperOffice has added message archiving to the company’s SaaS offering. HyperOffice is pitching it as a low-cost way to keep e-mail safe and secure for SMBs that might not be able to afford pricier solutions like Microsoft Exchange 2010 licenses. And with message continuity such a hot topic in the wake of a widely-reported Gmail glitch, HyperOffice’s timing couldn’t be better.

In a press release, HyperOffice reiterates the need for e-mail archiving to even the smallest of businesses. And that goes double when it comes to an enterprise where regulatory compliance is important. On-premise messaging platforms like the aforementioned Microsoft Exchange 2010 have continuity features built in — but apparently can’t match the cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

It’s a market trend that even Google has attempted to capitalize on, with the Postini-powered Google Message Continuity providing a Gmail-style view of archived messages. But in the wake of that Gmail glitch, some customers are a little spooked.

The HyperOffice solution looks to take a similar approach, with messages from user mailboxes kept off-site and in one easily-manageable, searchable database. And since the HyperOffice business e-mail solution already supports integration with Microsoft Outlook, even those e-mails can be stored and read off-premises without the need for Microsoft Exchange.

All in all, it looks like HyperOffice channel partners potentially have another feather in their figurative cap.

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