Skip to main content is a division of Rockpoint Mortgage that was founded in 2004. Zero Down has loan officers, loan processors and realtors all over the nation. Having agents working from different parts of the country, everything is processed virtually, such as the leads that come in through the website.


The main issue, according to Curtis Helton, was that “documents were getting buried in emails”, which made finding emails a complete waste of valuable time. Curtis Helton found himself spending a lot of time having to archive documents locally and resubmitting documents to loan processors or realtors who had trouble finding them.


After researching various virtual offices, ZeroDownHomes decided upon HyperOffice. Now, the company is able to centralize all the necessary contracts and various documents through HyperOffice. If a loan officer can’t find a document, they can just go straight to HyperOffice to retrieve the file. Besides the ease of accessibility, HyperOffice has been shown to be user-friendly. The “drag and drop” feature allows for the less tech-savvy users to work with high-tech products at their own level.

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