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Riccio & Company is a law firm that practices mainly in the areas of corporate-commercial and commercial real estate work. The firm was founded by Andrea Riccio in 1997 and is based out of Calgary, Canada. Besides their main office, the firm has employees that work from home. Andrea Riccio, being the founder, plans to grow and expand the firm.


In order to allow employees to work from home, Riccio had to make sure there would not be a lack in efficient communication. He had to make sure offering employees to work from home would allow for the same consistent and cohesive working environment. Before he allowed his few employees to work from home, Riccio Law used Microsoft Outlook. However, once people started working from home, he knew he needed to find a collaboration tool. Riccio considered MS Exchange, but all the hardware and software was not ideal in a cost-benefit analysis.


In the end, Riccio primarily chose HyperOffice for its budget-friendly pricing. However, Riccio also comments on the short-learning curve and the “minimal training time needed”. Now with employees out of the office, as well as the lawyers who tend to need to travel, employees simply can “find a computer, get on the web, and be connected to the office”. The initial rollout with HyperOffice was intended for all employees to share their schedules through a common calendar to minimize any confusion or scheduling conflicts. Riccio plans to expand the company, and with its growth, take advantage of the long range of tools that HyperOffice offers.

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