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Document management, project management, intranet building, automations, and more—all at a fraction of Sharepoint costs.

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A “we-have-that-too” comparison

Dozens, if not hundreds of former Sharepoint users have migrated from Sharepoint to HyperOffice. The reasons are clear: a simple UX that doesn’t require prior expensive training and all the modules in one place, without spending the plus-sized budget Sharepoint takes. 


  • Non-technical-user ready
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Intranet builder
  • Workflows and automation
  • Calendars
  • Notes and contact management
  • Users access management


  • Requires expensive training during setup
  • Slow learning curve
  • Some features are buggy

“[HyperOffice is] a Sharepoint antidote”
Bill Robinson
The Huffington post

Frequent questions answered

Punctually, what makes different Sharepoint from HyperOffice?

HyperOffice offers a more efficient solution. You get dedicated customer support, training, and the learning curve is, basically, a matter of minutes or hours. 

What about pricing?

Sharepoint plans go from $5 to 10$ per user, to offer intranet features and document management. HyperOffice offers you workflows, automation, project management, intranets, contact management, document management, and more, all inside a flexible monthly plan that changes according to the volume of users your company requires. 

Do you assist on migration?

Yes! we help you saving thousands of Dollars and hours. We’re glad to help you migrating from Microsoft Sharepoint. 

Our team is ready to give you all the reasons to leave Sharepoint. Today. A no brainer.