Freshness Preservation Technology

State-of-the-art Refrigeration

We leverage Lucet Nine’s freshness-preserving technology TT-EngineĀ® which applies high potential voltage in the space and generates electrolysis. This makes it possible to align the water molecules in the ingredients and prevent them from going out. Since water molecules can remain in food for a long time, it is possible to suppress “drying” and “oxidation” and maintain freshness.

How does it work?

Suppression of Drying and Oxidation

When food is placed in an electric field, the water molecules in the food are reoriented and aligned. Therefore, the evaporation of water from the epidermis is suppressed and ingredients can be prevented from drying out.

Oxidation of foods can cause deterioration of taste and flavor, browning, fading, and reduction of nutritional value. When food is placed in an electric field, oxidation is suppressed because the electric potential is put directly on the food to charge it.

Suppression of Bacterial Growth

Free water is required for bacterial growth in perishables. In the electric field of our refrigeration system, an electric charge is applied, which protects the conventional bound water, promotes the binding of other free water with food elements, and thus increases the amount of bound water. This is turn minimizes bacterial growth.

High-quality thawing

By thawing frozen food uniformly to the core at low temperatures so as not to damage the cells, our system causes less drip, and thawing becomes hygienic. It eliminates the need for daily thawing and food does not lose freshness and quality after thawing.

High-quality freezing

In order to maintain flavor and freshness, it is very important to quickly freeze fresh food. When shock freezing is applied with our technology, food can be frozen without cells being broken during freezing.