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Intranet Solution Provides Powerful Collaboration, Communication, and Information Management

VIENNA, VA., August 10, 2004 – HyperOffice announced today the availability of its online intranet software that promises to make life a little easier for small businesses. HyperOffice offers a user-friendly and affordable suite of intranet applications that gives small businesses essential tools to collaborate, communicate, and manage information from any Internet connection. HyperOffice provides a secure and reliable online workplace for employees and partners without any upfront IT investment or anxieties over data loss and system down time.

‘We were in search of an online workplace for 3,000 distributed professionals to access and share realtime, critical information in an ‘interconnected office’ environment. Growing at a rate of five new franchises a month limited our options to finding a scalable, easy to deploy, pay as you grow solution,’ said Craig Grey, Founder of The General Office. ‘HyperOffice had our customized online workplace up and running quickly and best of all we did not have to incur any upfront expenses for servers, hardware, software or IT consultants.’

To date, choices for small business included large upfront and ongoing IT investment in servers, software and staff or cobbling together solutions for collaboration, communication, data backup, spam and virus protection.

‘HyperOffice is easy to use and delivers to SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) the rich functionality of a much more expensive solution at an affordable price,’ said Helen Chan, senior SMB analyst at the Yankee Group. ‘Small businesses now have the option of adopting a powerful collaborative solution without needing to pay an expensive upfront licensing fee or manage the application.’

HyperOffice provides small and growing businesses with web-based business email, shared online calendaring, project management, shared online document storage and other collaborative features for a low monthly fee (as low as $3.80 per user). Users log on to the system through any Internet browser and access a customizable desktop with email, documents, calendars, contacts, projects, opinion polls, announcements, notes and reminders. These tools can be used for individual purposes or can be shared with designated group members for easy, real-time collaboration.

‘We were using Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint for our communication and collaboration needs within our company of 150 and found that we needed a full-time IT person to manage it. Along with the upfront investment costs for equipment, software, IT personnel and ongoing maintenance, it was becoming too expensive for us,’ said Romero Van Bochove, President, CEO, Orizon. ‘As a professional system integration firm focused on the government market, we have a workforce that is mobile and often at client sites – HyperOffice gave us what we needed at a fraction of the cost and the aggravation.’

Small businesses no longer need to use email to send reworked documents back and forth to team members, use the fax to share calendars, or lose sleep over hard disk crashes and lost data. They now have access to the same productivity enhancing technologies as their bigger competitors. HyperOffice provides small businesses with a valuable, easy-to-use technology to streamline business processes and reduce operational costs.

‘As a lifelong small business owner, my partner and I saw the power in tools like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook/SharePoint/Exchange,’ said Farzin Arsanjani, president, HyperOffice. ‘But we know first-hand how expensive and time consuming these products are. Small businesses can’t possibly make that kind of commitment. We founded HyperOffice to give small business owners a chance to compete.’

HyperOffice comes standard with 100 megabytes (MB) of storage and additional storage can be purchased in increments of 100 MB for $2 per month. New customers can try the product free for 30 days and without any obligation.

About HyperOffice

HyperOffice, a leading provider of on-demand software offers a simple and affordable suite of intranet applications providing new and growing businesses essential tools to collaborate, communicate, and manage information from any browser running on any platform. HyperOffice is run by an experienced team that draws on their first-hand understanding of small business pressures and experience with communication & collaboration solutions. First launched in 1998, HyperOffice led the category with 150,000 users. HyperOffice has received broad market recognition and is used around the world by a growing number of innovative small businesses. For more information please visit or call 800-434-5136.

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