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HyperOffice today made it easier for small-business owners, employees, clients, business partners and suppliers to work together as a team, plan projects, share and edit documents, schedule meetings, and stay connected via email – without having to first shut down the business to earn a degree in computer science.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) January 31, 2006 – HyperOffice today made it easier for small business owners, employees, clients, business partners and suppliers to work together as a team, plan projects, edit and share documents, schedule meetings, and stay connected via email — without having to first shut down the business to earn a degree in computer science.

The company added new features and services to HyperOffice, web-based software that delivers to small businesses today the power and productivity of software that only the largest companies with mammoth IT budgets could afford — business-class email without spam and viruses; document management with online storage, versioning, user rights and workflow; contact management, scheduling, project management, discussion groups, security, backup, and more, designed for growing companies — companies with one to 500 employees, the companies that create more than half the new jobs in the US each year.

“You do not install HyperOffice on your hard drive,” said Farzin Arsanjani, cofounder and president of HyperOffice Inc., “Instead, just fire up your Web browser. Your office is just a click away – from your desk, from a hotel room, from a client’s office. HyperOffice is software-as-a-service, “hosted” by HyperOffice. It’s software without the pain of software. Instead, you can exploit technology to different iate, compete and grow your business. You focus on your business. You are no longer forced to be your own IT department – installing, configuring, fixing and upgrading software and hardware, worrying about security, spam and viruses.”

The new features and services include:

  • Portal Customization. Business owners and managers now decide which features, applications and services to give an individual employee, group of employees, a department, the whole company – even to partners, suppliers, vendors and customers. These “intranets” and “extranets” display relevant information on easy-to-navigate screens, with links to attached documents, tasks, to-do lists and contacts. Users select relevant features to add, and HyperOffice generates the screens. Users may build as many intranet and extranet portals as needed.
  • IMAP support. In the past, HyperOffice users had to use a browser as their email client. Now in addition to any browser, HyperOffice users may send and receive email using any email client (Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) that supports IMAP, an open standard. “You don’t have to replace existing software,” said Arsanjani. “You don’t have to learn new software. You don’t have to give up your life as stored by Microsoft Outlook, or pry existing calendars, contacts, email threads, project lists and tasks, and archives from the hands of entrepreneurs, business owners, board members and advisors, partners, employees and clients.”
  • Interlinking. HyperOffice now allows users to connect all related information by project or task, contact, email, document, meeting or calendar. Users determine which data is to be linked, then HyperOffice continually updates the related data. For example, a user may link all related emails, events and documents to a particular contact, creating interlinks that users may track, audit and refer to, as needed.
  • HyperDrive. HyperOffice now allows users to drag, drop, open, edit and save files and folders into HyperDrives hosted at the HyperOffice server that operate like any hard drive spinning inside a desktop or notebook computer, or virtual drive mounted at a networked computer. Files and folders stored in a HyperDrive are always accessible from any browser, are backed up, secure, and protected against viruses and Trojans.

“HyperOffice is priced right for growing businesses,” said Arsanjani. “You pay as you grow – around $7 per month, per user. The alternative costs thousands more – for servers, an array of software applications, a VPN and backup, IT staff, maintena nce, upgrades, training and support.”

About HyperOffice

HyperOffice Inc.,, is a leading provider of hosted software services for small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers a simple and affordable suite of intranet and extranet applications that provide new and growing businesses essential tools to collaborate, communicate, and manage information from any browser running on any platform. HyperOffice is run by an experienced team that draws on their first-hand understanding of small business pressures and experience with communication & project collaboration solutions. First launched in 1998, HyperOffice is used around the world by a growing number of innovative small businesses.

Company Name: HyperOffice

Company Contact: Farzin Arsanjani
Phone: 1.240.428.1700 ext. 107

Press Contact: Steven J. Leon

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