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Premier Citizens Financial is a thriving financial company that has been providing services for mortgages, real estate, investment spending, and insurance since 1997, but under a different name. Although Premier Citizens is based in California, they provide services nation-wide, so there are plenty of consultants that need to access all the same information from within the company.


With associates around the country, a central area was needed for collaboration amongst them. Premier needed a tool for associates to share documents and schedules with each other, for better productivity and connectivity. Before adopting HyperOffice, consultants had used Outlook for email. However, with frequent traveling, Outlook became an issue.



After rigorous online research, Premier Citizens Financial found HyperOffice and began implementing the system right away. Through HyperOffice, associates are able to shared documents, calendars, and manage tasks without having to make sure everybody is up to speed with information. According to Managing Director, Dean Konstantine, this new form of information sharing allows for “ease of connectivity”.


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