Enhance Business Relationships with Portal Customization

Portal Customization extends the functionality of HyperOffice beyond the corporate Intranet. It is perfect for creating unlimited extranets, customer portals, vendor and partner portals, each designed and customized for its audience. You can even separate your company intranet into multiple portals serving different purposes, i.e. create one for your sales team, marketing, administrative or any other group.

Each portal will give the intended user only access to information and applications relevant to that user. For example you can quickly create a customer portal which gives customers access to specific shared documents, a specific shared calendar and nothing more. You can now setup meetings, invite your customer to a meeting, share documents and collaborate on reports.

We are a decentralized company and find using HyperOffice to centralize information and files is essential to the productivity of our employees. It also gives us the capability of creating a portal to share that information and files with our clients.

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Impress Clients & Partners with Customized Portals

Imagine no more email overload, document chaos or infinite telephone tags with your customers, partners, or vendors when working on a project. Just update a report in a shared document section of your portal and your customer will be automatically notified. They can view the updated report at their convenience.

Want to setup a meeting? Check your customers schedule, setup a meeting and send an invitation without picking up the phone. Imagine working with your customers, partners and vendors in a collaborative and professional environment.

Site Publisher, our easy to use portal CMS lets you customize the look, layout, content, brand and design of each portal to reflect its specific purpose.


Improve customer satisfaction by sharing relevant information online.
Save time

no more email nightmares, document chaos or infinite telephone tags.

Make your employees more productive.

Extend the power of collaboration to your customers, partners and vendors.

Collaborate on documents, proposals, reports and projects with your customers, partners and vendors.

Check customer calendars, schedule meetings, invite and notify your customers

 You can even attach meeting agenda, minutes and other relevant information.

Leverage a single portal to manage multiple parts of your business

 Tailor the interface and access for your employees, customers, and partners.


  • Our portal CMS lets you finely customize the look, layout and content on each intranet workspace, client portal or extranet.
  • Customize access to applications (email, calendars, documents, contacts, and more!), for each of your user profiles – employees, customers, vendors and partners.
  • Turn applications on and off.
  • Decide what information each user should have access to.
  • Create unlimited number of profiles for different sets of users.
  • Customers, partners, vendors, temps, part timers, interns…or anyone else that may benefit from a customized portal.
  • Simply assign each user to a profile and they will only see and get what is relevant to their work.
  • Monitoring and editing profiles is simple and quick.

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