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The Apple iPhone is ready to do business; HyperOffice will get you started for free.

HyperOffice delivers the power of total collaboration and business email directly to your mobile device. You can bring teams together, schedule meetings, and manage project information seamlessly through HyperOffice on your Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, or any other Web-enabled handheld. You can also share and edit documents, personal and group calendars, and tasks. HyperOffice’s software lets you transform your personal information manager into a full-blown productivity tool without the need for Microsoft SharePoint and without Microsoft Exchange. If you want mobile collaboration that’s both powerful and flexible, contact HyperOffice and sign up for a free trial today.

Key Facts

  •     Store your data on the HyperOffice secure servers and access them instantly wherever you go
  •     Collaborate and communicate to buil
  • d intranets and extranets without Microsoft SharePoint
  •     Manage projects and tasks and get instant notification when your team members complete tasks
  •     Access business email from your mobile device; there’s no need to purchase an additional email service
  •     Manage your account easily with an intuitive interface tailored specifically for your mobile device
  •     Enjoy unlimited data sharing; access and share documents directly from your Apple iPhone
  •     Receive email remotely with HyperOffice’s IMAP client
  •     Sync your contacts, calendars, tasks, and email directly with Microsoft Outlook through HyperOffice
  •     No setup required or software to download
  •     128-bit encryption and data security keeps your information safe

Pricing starts at $8 per month | HyperOffice | | (866) 267-7168

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