Share, Collaborate & Communicate Using Any Web-Enabled Handheld

Don’t have a fancy new iPhone or BlackBerry? Don’t fret; HyperOffice has you covered. Now you can have the power of collaboration and business-class email on your favorite web-enabled handheld -Droid, Windows Phone or even basic Java phones. Our software allows you to turn your mobile phone into a full-blown productivity and shareability tool without the need for MS SharePoint or Exchange.

It’s easier than ever to collaborate in your office, at home, or on the go. You can push your official mail to your mobile, access Outlook, share your mobile calendars and contacts with team members, or even schedule tasks on the fly. Benefits of HyperOffice on your Mobile Device:

  • Collaborate on almost any mobile in the market – Windows Mobile, many Nokia phones, any J2ME or SyncML phone and many Android phones (2.2 and above)
  • Make full use of your mobile’s email, calendar and contacts apps for business purposes
  • Access all of HyperOffice’s collaboration features through an intuitive interface tailored specifically for your mobile device
  • Sync your Outlook account with Android, Windows Mobile or any other mobile phone
  • Sync your  contacts, calendars, tasks, & email with your mobile
  • Your mail, calendars, contacts and tasks are stored and backed up on our secure servers and you have instant access to them wherever you go
  • Collaborate and communicate to build intranets and extranets without the need for Microsoft SharePoint

Get all the great features of HyperOffice on your handheld.

It’s easy to share, collaborate, and communicate on your favorite mobile device.

  • Unlimited data sharing – access & share documents from your mobile device
  • Share your mobile calendars and contacts with your team members
  • Schedule tasks and access intranet/extranet workspaces from your mobile device 
  • No setup required or software to download
  • 128-bit encryption and data security keeps your information safe

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