Manage Multiple Project Teams Remotely

Companies are increasingly adopting the project  management approach to day to day working. This is suitable in the emerging business scenario where traditional departmental barriers are breaking down and employees are increasingly scattered across the country and even the world, and need to be brought together for different projects.

HyperOffice is the perfect task and work management software for small to medium sized organizations looking to provide the right set of tools to teams and managers to manage projects and communicate, collaborate and coordinate efforts across locations. From simple projects to sophisticated projects with multiple task inter-relationships, managing them was never this convenient!

Enhance Project Team Productivity

HyperOffice’s online project management solution not only allows project teams across locations coordinate their efforts, but also provides team members with the right set of tools to increase personal productivity. Shared tasks, project tracking, to do lists, Outlook task synching, address books, calendars, document libraries, forums or project workspaces ensure that everybody can give their best to the project!

HyperOffice Benefits

Forget Hardware & Software

Get the power of enterprise level project management tools, without the associated hardware or software. It is completely web based. Just sign up and get stared!

Cross Browser & Platform Access

Your managers, teams or partners can access the solution using just a web browser on any web enabled PC, mac or mobile.

Mobile Access

Your teams are always road ready! Get the power of your project management tools even from mobile devices, including iPhone and Blackberry.

Beyond Task Scheduling: Total Project Collaboration

 HyperOffice is much more than merely an online task manager. It includes a complete range of collaboration tools to make sure you get the best out of project management. 

Live Training & Support

Although HyperOffice is an end user’s solution, we know you might need assistance from time to time. Our experts are always at hand!

Using the generous amount of document storage allowed, we can now keep our important project documents storage and accessible for all to use, assign tasks to individuals, share calendars, etc. for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Darrell SchneiderPresident, AM Professionals


Centralized Project Management

HyperOffice allows managers to manage multiple projects with ease through a central console. Its intuitive layout helps managers capture project status, outstanding tasks, team issues, events and much more for multiple projects with a simple glance.

Online Task Management

Intricately manage projects by creating tasks and subtasks, setting dates and deadlines, distributing resources, assigning responsibilities, notifying assignees and tracking progress.

Task Dependencies

Where tasks in a project are dependent on other tasks, create elaborate relationships between tasks to reflect real life projects.

Project Workspaces

Create a dedicated workspace for every internal or external project. It is the one stop junction for all the information and effort related to a project – project status, document libraries, collaboration, calendars, address books, wikis, forums, project surveys and much more!

To Do Lists

To do lists give everybody a bird eye view of tasks completed, tasks outstanding, tasks further assigned by them and their status.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Get a quick visual overview of projects with Gantt Charts. Reorganize tasks and modify timelines by simply dragging and dropping them on Gantt charts.

Document Libraries and Collaboration

Store all documents related to a project in one place. Enable real time collaboration on project documents by teams using versioning, document locking, audit trails, commenting, change notifications and more.

Project Productivity Tools

HyperOffice includes a plethora of other online collaboration tools you can use to enhance the working of project teams – discussion boards, project surveys, calendars, address books, team wikis, chat, news feeds, announcements and much more!

Personal Workspaces

Provide every team member with a dedicated virtual workspace with the right tools to manage all information and project tasks – mail, personal document library, to do lists, calendars, contacts, reminders and more.

Workspace Customization & Branding

Easily tailor the color scheme, layout, organization and tools for each project workspace. Impress partners and clients by branding external project workspaces.

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