Interactive Gantt Charts

HyperOffice Online Gantt charts let you get a visual overview of your entire project at a glance. Gantt charts are easy to understand graphical displays which illustrate the end points (start and finish) and summary elements of a project. Bars are used to depict activities which are plotted against a date graph.

You can easily get a sense of breakdown structure of the project without having to go into its descriptive details. Gantt charts also show the dependency, precedence and sequencing relationships between activities as well as the dates and deadlines. Color coding lets you easily distinguish between projects which are on time, within project span, overdue or beyond project timespan.

What’s more, your Gantt charts are more than mere static displays. You can drag and drop tasks, and rearrange activities and projects right on the Gantt chart. You can even  stretch or contract task bars to change task duration. Managing distributed projects was never easier!

Our online Gantt charts are a part of our online project management solution, which lets you manage multiple teams and projects through a simple online console.

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