HyperBase Web Databases

Web Based Relational Database & Web Forms. Automate Processes With Do-It-Yourself Database Apps & Web Forms.

HyperBase Online Database Management

On premise database management systems like MS Access are clunky, outdated and overly complicated. HyperBase allows you to simplify data collection through webforms and automate business processes with workflows and database apps – all in its anywhere accessible cloud database solution.

Business Apps and Web Forms

HyperBase lets you quickly create web forms for data collection with drag and drop simplicity. You can create a wide array of business apps to automate simple company processes processes with workflows, notifications, views etc.

Database App Library

We have a large library of pre-built database apps that you can start using for your business right out-of-the-box. Some examples:

HyperBase in Action

Lead Tracking

Manage incoming lead flow.


Automate the vacation request and approval process

Asset Management

Manage allocations of resources and assets

Inventory Management

Simple app to keep on top of your invetory.

Job Applications

Streamline the hiring process

Online Surveys

Create elaborate surveys, track results and run reports

Features and Benefits

It is completely cloud based. No database servers, no database software. Just sign up online and get started.

Simplify data collection and collation with easy to set up online forms and applications to collect data from partners, customers and employees.

Create automated workflows and database applications without any database expertise

Queries & Filters

Manipulate data to get the exact insights you want.

Views & Tables

Collect data in custom tables, and present subsets of the data to specific people through views.

A fully cloud based relational database which brings you all the features of Microsoft Access

Import & Export

Extract data into spreadsheets or import it from other systems

Attach Files

Attach files to database records


Notify different actors responsible at different stages of a workflow

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