Automatic Online Data Backup

Online data backup is a seamless, proven approach to secure vital business data. There’s no software to install, no servers to maintain, no updates to schedule…ever! All documents and data that you store within the system are automatically backed up in the cloud in real-time. Data is stored and protected in an offsite, disaster-proof data center facility – which means you never have to worry about your computer and servers crashing again.

HyperOffice has improved our collaboration by centralizing project and document management. It is the closest to an enterprise solution that I've seen with a price that is equally attractive and affordable. We've had absolutely NO issues with downtime or connectivity.

Dr. Dwight TappPresident, ClinicAid
Automated Online Data Backup and Real-time Recovery

Online data backup solution protects your data from crashes, viruses, and other threats. Just upload data and it’s instantly backed-up!

All-in-One Online Data Sharing, Storage & Backup Solution.

Simply “Drag and Drop” data and files securely between your PC and your HyperOffice

State-of-the-Art Backup Facilities

 We guarantee 99.99% uptime. Your data is housed in our disaster-proof, offsite data center facilities and protected by biometric locks, redundant servers, and continuous, uninterruptible power. Together with our partner, NTT VERIO we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of your data.

Maintenance-free Data Backup Solution

Online data backup allows you to focus on your core business while eliminating data-loss anxieties and reducing upfront IT costs. A virtual online hard drive and web interface enable you to store, access, organize, and share your files through one central location with just an Internet connection. Our robust document management system provides the added benefit of online data backup and recovery.

Ample Data Storage, Reliable Backup, Lower IT Costs

Backup your data in real-time without expensive hardware or exhausting backup procedures. Each account comes standard with 250 MB/user to share. 10 users will share 2.5 GB of storage space! Get additional, unlimited data storage for just $7/month per 1 GB.

Password-Protection & 128-bit Encryption

Assign strict read, write and deletion rights to your users and data. Only authorized users have permission to access your files. Plus, we use 128-bit encryption to protect files during transfer.

Web Folders Backup Option

 Backup data and safeguard files with strict permissions, overwrite protection, and deletion recovery. Or, simply “Drag and Drop” documents to and from your local drive for added protection with Web folders.

Free Data Backup Assistance & Technical Support

Our backup solution requires no IT support. It works across any platform – PC or Mac. Plus, we offer free support, training, & upgrades for life!

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