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Organize and share contacts online

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online contact management

Fully equipped online address book

Online address book keeps your business connected to critical contact lists. With an online address book, your company can create, share, and store external contacts and internal directories with just an Internet connection.

  • Access your address book information online-anywhere, anytime.
  • Synchronize with your phone address book.
  • Import and export contact lists and other address books.
  • Organize your address book into contact categories or groups.
online contact management

All the features needed in an online address book

Mobile Synchronization

Synch your online contacts with your mobile contacts on iPhone, BlackBerry, many Android and Nokia phones, and more. Even use HyperOffice to share your mobile contacts with others!

External Address Lists

Share external, global address books with people outside your organization - partners, clients etc.

Contact Search & Filter

Locate the contact information you need easily by searching in the online address book. View by categories or full contact list, and filter alphabetically.

Import and Export Contact Lists

Modify your online address book; import from a spreadsheet, export into another contact management system.

Centralize Contacts

Hyperoffice online address book allows you to store and manage contact information in one central, online location.

Categorize & Group Contacts

Create personal and group contact categories. Organize each contact by category.


Can I customize the fields in my address book?

Yes, you can create as many custom fields of different types as needed based on your address book requirements

Can I add and see photos to my contacts?

Yes. You can add pictures, and preview them against each contact.

How easy is it to find specific contacts?

With views, filters, sorting and search, you can easily find individual or groups of contacts

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