Does Microsoft “Office Live Workspace” Live Up to It’s Name?

Windows Live SkyDrive, formerly titled “Microsoft Office Live Workspace”, is little more than a document management solution. Moreover, web based solutions are not MS’s traditional domain. As an alternative, HyperOffice brings you ten years of experience providing web based collaboration solutions to growing businesses.

Why Be Content With Document Management When You Can Have Total Collaboration

Apart from robust document management features, HyperOffice brings you a complete collaboration suite – customized intranets and extranets, calendars, email, contact lists, task management, discussion forums, IM and much more, making it your true “online workspace”. There are no servers to set up, no software to download. Sign up and get started in minutes

How HyperOffice Scores Over MS Online Workspace

Go With Experience

HyperOffice has ten years of experience providing online solutions to growing organizations like yours.

Be Flexible

Office Live Workspace works best with IE on PCs. HyperOffice allows you to work on documents online on any PC or Mac browser.

Document Collaboration from Your Mobile! 

Access and collaborate on documents even from mobile devices like iPhone and BlackBerry!

Finely Manage Permissions 

Finely control access to workspace, folder, sub-folder down to the document.

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Enhance productivity with integrated tools like workspace customization, calendars, task management, contact directories, forums and more!

Live Support & Training

Avoid the MS “paid support” philosophy. Get with our experts anytime you need help.

Microsoft’s new hosted solutions are “vanilla” flavored, which you need to customize before they can be used.

Microsoft’s new “suites” fall short of the promise of providing an end to end solution, because they provide different pieces of the messaging and collaboration and puzzle at a joint pricing, but not a single seamlessly integrated product. 

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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